Energy Modelling:

dbHMS collaborates with the design team to give then step by step design guidance using energy simulations.

Specifically the following studies are offered

1.Building Envelope Analysis

Building envelope including glazing, wall and roof insulation, cladding systems, etc. to improve the overall energy balance of the building in terms of heat gain and solar loading

2. Building Orientation Analysis:

Impact of different orientation on building’s heat gain as well as electricity consumption would be analysed through a study which would help designer to select an optimised orientation for the design.

3. Passive Design Study:

The architect is assisted in exploring possibility of various passive strategy for the project.

4. Daylighting Studies:

The impact of daylighting on the lighting design and the energy performance of the space is studied and evaluated. Recommendations to enhance daylighting are given.

5. Interior Lighting studies:

The design team is assisted with interior lighting design to optimize it for energy use while maintaining optimal lighting levels.

6. HVAC System Analysis:

Our team works with the HVAC consultant to review multiple options for these systems and make recommendations based on energy modelling.


We offer green certificate facilitation services for various green ratings...

After helping design team in designing an energy efficient and green building, dbHMS also helps them get it certified from respective authorities. dbHMS has completed several Green Certification projects and is very familiar with the required documentation process. dbHMS has qualification and experience in facilitating green certifications like LEED, GRIHA and Eco-Housing.

We offer Green Certificate Facilitation for following ratings :
IGBC Indian Green Building Council)
1. LEED India NC
2. LEED India CS
3. IGBC Green SEZ
4. IGBC Green Factories
5. IGBC Township
6. Existing Buildings
USGBC (United States Green Building Council)
1. LEED New Construction
2. LEED Core and Shell
3. LEED Homes
4. LEED School,Healthcare,Retail

GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment)


Green Globe