System Design


We design new and retrofit existing  mechanical HVAC systems. Our experience includes high performance energy efficient designs, extensive modernization retrofits and specialty applications. System concepts include:

2. Modern Geo-exchange

3. Heat pumps and Solar

4. Conventional Air handling, refrigerant, chilled water, and hydronic systems.

We also conduct life-cycle analysis on existing buildings to help with phasing in new technology like:

1. Building Automation System

2. Building Information Modelling

3. Infrastructure Master Planning

4. Facility Assessment


We design medium, low voltage and emergency power systems within buildings. This includes

1. Power service and distribution

2. Emergency Power

3. Fire alarm Systems

4. Solar photovoltaic and

5. IT tele-data.

Plumbing and Fire Fighting

This service includes:

1. Domestic Water Distribution

2. Sanitary Plumbing

3. Storm Water drainage

4. Rain water harvesting

5. Grey and black water treatment

6. Natural Gas systems

7. Dry Systems

8. Sprinkler Systems

9. Gaseous Fire Suppression

10. Pre-action


At dbHMS, Lighting Design is a combination of art and science. It's using artificial and natural lighting as a tool to light a space. Energy efficiency, visual interest, task lighting, way finding, security lighting and flexibility are some of the factors to be taken into consideration when designing a space.